You Shikou

Doctor you

Yellow immortal

Japanese Name 葉 棕庚
Romaji Translation Yō Shikō
Pinyin Translation Yè ZōngGēng
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tahara Aruno
Personal Info
Gender Male
Occupation Yellow Immortal

You Shikou (葉 棕庚 Yō Shikō) is a legendary travelling doctor and also the family doctor of Kou Shuurei. He is also the master of Ka Da, the ancestor of Ka Shin. He is actually the Yellow Immortal and his original name is Kou You.  


In his human form, Dr.You appears to be a short stratured old man with white beard and mustache. However, as an Immortal he is shown to be a tall and youthful man with yellow hair loosely tied up. 

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Both as a human and Immortal, You Shikou maintains a rather playful and carefree nature unlike the other Immortals who mostly possess cold personality and contempt for humans. His carefree nature allows him to get along with other Immortals easily as seen where he often drinks with the Purple Immortal or plays pranks on him (trying to make him trip over) and lifts the White Immortal's mood when he is depressed at Eigetsu's loss. 

In spite, of his carefree nature, he possesses a much ruthless side when he is angered. His ill temper is shown during Shuurei's attempt to pass through Fort Sairi where the people were rebelling against her. Due to the ungrateful nature of those humans, Dr. You's contempt for the humans like the others awaken once again. His ruthlessness is also seen after Hyou Ren's Jyasenkyou incident, where he murdured every member of the Hyou Clan, who attempted to capture SHuurei and EIgetsu on Ren's command.


Skills & TalentsEdit

Art of MedicineEdit

As a doctor, You Shikou excells in medical knowledge and procedures. He is also one of the earliest doctors who have mastered the art of human surgery.

Alcohol ToleranceEdit

He is shown to be a proficient drinker in many instances.


The ImmortalsEdit

You Shikou gets along with the other Immortals comparatively well. He is often seen drinking and hanging around with the Purple Immortal, Shi Shou. He also seems to have shared a friendly relationship with the Red Immortal, often drinking with her and visiting her to cure her baby girl in the past. When the White Immortal, Byakuya lost Tou Eigetsu, he appeared to cheer him up.

Kou ShuureiEdit

You Shikou is very fond of Shuurei. He always calls her 'little miss'. He has known Shuurei since her childhood as he was the doctor who took care of her when she was sick everytime. He likes Shuurei's lively personality and often helps her outwhen she is in need of medical assistance.