Wolves of the Wind

The Wolves of the Wind

The Wolves of the Wind (風の狼 Kaze no ōkami) is a secret group of expert assassins. They were created by emperor Shi Senka at some point before he ascended the throne in order to allow him to eradicate all possible contenders for the throne. After he became the emperor, he used the wolves of the wind do eliminate any threat which may hinder his reign. The leader of the wolves is called 'The Black Wolf'.

Notable Members Edit

Kou ShoukaEdit


Kou Shouka is the second and current Black Wolf, the leader of the wolves.

Hyou ShusuiEdit

Assassin doll

Hyou Shusui was previously an 'Assassin Doll' of the Hyou Clan. She became a part of the wolves after being adopted by Kou Shouka.


Tsuyuri (栗花落 Tsuyuri), was the first Black Wolf who served Senka from the very beginning of his conquest.


Hokuto (北斗 Hokuto) was Shouka's best friend. He and Shouka  saved each other's lives many times and shared a relationship somewhat similar to that of Seiran and Ensei.