Uu Uu
Uu uu
Japanese Name 羽 羽
Romaji Translation Ū Ū
Pinyin Translation Yǔ Yǔ
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Bandou Naoki
Personal Info
Gender Male
Title Deputy Secretary (仙洞令尹 Sendōreīn)
Occupation Department of the Cave of Immortals (仙洞省 Sendōshō)

Uu Uu (羽 羽 Ū Ū) is the Deputy Secretary of the Cave of Immortals.


Uu Uu appears as a tiny old man covered in white beard making him resemble a furry ball like animal.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

As a government official, works extremely hard, despite his advanced age.

During Uu Uu helped Kou Shouka  in rescuing the Rose Princess by opening a passage with his powers to the Hyou Clan

After requesting leave from the Hyou clan from Ruka, they have agreed to "meet again at Twilight".

The Blue Immortal remarks that Uu Uu does not have much time left and asks him if he would want to change something in his past. However, while Uu Uu does think that he has many things that he would want to see changed, he refuses. This refusal seems to make the Blue Immortal very happy and the Immortal proceeds to say that "they" will not help him as they will only watch from the background as usual. Uu Uu along with Ruka worked hard to keep the 'Gate' from opening after the destruction of the sacred artifacts. Uu Uu weakened himself by using up his life to eradicate the locust plague. Right after, he was coldly killed by a fanatical official of the Cave of Immortals.

During his time as the deputy secretary, he had been pesturing Ryuuki to marry Ran Jyuusan and had opposed greatly when he wanted to marry Kou Shuurei because he knew her secret and the fact that she would die soon after her marriage leaving Ryuuki devastated.

Skills & TalentsEdit

Supernatural AbilitiesEdit

He has mystical powers, including the ability to repair sacred seals and to travel long distances in spirit form. While Uu Uu does indeed have mystical powers, his life shortens each time he uses them. However, he is considered a very strong magician by many.


Hyou Riou (younger)Edit

He and the younger Riou are close and the latter can often be seen carrying Uu Uu around on his back. When Uu Uu dies, Riou is devastated.