Officials who are not explicitly loyal to either the Examination Faction or the Noble Faction. This section contains spoilers for later volumes of the Saiunkoku light novel series (starting from volume 12).

Unaligned OfficialsEdit

Tei YuushunEdit

Tei yuushun

Tei Yuushun (鄭 悠舜 Tei Yūshun) is the former Advisor of the Governors of Sa Province and Prime Minister of Saiunkoku. He is also a contemporary of Kou Reishin and Ko Kijin. For his first important assignment, he sent to become governor of Sa Province, which is quickly overturned due to the corrupt government in the province. He is later promoted to become the Prime Minister under Shi Ryuuki.

Uu UuEdit

Uu uu

Uu Uu (羽 羽 Ū Ū) is the Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Cave of Immortals.

Kou HoujuEdit

Ko Kijin profile

Kou Houju (黄 凤珠 Kō Hōju), more commonly known by the name Kou Kijin (黄 奇人 Kō Kijin), is the Minister of Revenue.