My Personal Review of the AnimeEdit

Okay, maybe the people who reviewed the anime in English may not have experienced full on the wonders of the world of Saiunkoku, but I still think that this anime is NOT a happy go lucky series with airy-headed characters. Honestly, if people just took the time to read some of the light novels translation, they would see how this "moderate" anime and series is in fact an fascinating one.

For example, if one of these English reviewers who criticized Saiunkoku Monogatari for its lack of depth, they should read Kou Shouka's backstory.

Okay, maybe the anime does not do the series and light novels justice, but I don't think that the reviewers should disparage the entire series and the author without any attention to the light novel contents. It's like how books are produced into movies. A standard example: Harry Potter and Twilight; although the movies were indeed filled with good-looking actors and gripping special effects with the occasional booms and bangs, the books hardly illustrate the amazing stories created by the authors. (Please no flames here, but I really don't like these two movies as I find that the movies ruined the books entirely).

Whew, now that I've finished with this ranting, I want all of you reading this post to know that Saiunkoku's characters and stories are awesome! Read the light novels and I think that some of the earlier volumes have been translated already. Even though the anime did not have as much depth as the novels, I still think that the illustrations were amazing and their costume designs captivating.

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Will Saiunkoku Monogatari season 2 be in eng dubbed?
Answer- I don't think so but you can always watch the series in the subbed versions.... ;-) I want a season 3 of the anime but I don't think it's coming out for a while.

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