Sou Shuu
Japanese Name 蒼 周
Romaji Translation Sou Shuu
Personal Info
Gender Male
Family Sou Gen (father)
Sou Youki (aunt)
Title Emperor (国王 Kokuō)
His Majesty (陛下 Heika)
Occupation Emperor of Saiunkoku (Former)

Sou Shuu (蒼 周) Emperor Sou Gen's son and the second emperor of Saiunkoku.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Unlike his father, Sou Shuu had a kind and loving nature much like his aunt. Throughout generations he was famous for being a kind and great emperor.

Plot Edit

According to Uu Uu, during Shuu's reign, a 'Red Demon Star' had appeared and remained for 80 days. The Demon Star was a sign of a great change. It referred to the loss of the throne. People believed if a Demon Star appeared, that would mean the heaven had abandoned the emperor.

In order to avoid panic among the people, the Prime Minister had requested Shuu to lay the blame on him instead of himself. When Shuu refused to do so, the Prime Minister then proposed that he lay the blame on the year's harvest. Shuu still refused. When the Prime Minister proposed for the third time to lay the blame on the courtiers, the emperor decided to take the blame upon himself. After a week or so, the star had disappeared.