Sou Shungai
Sou shungai
Japanese Name 宋 凱隼
Romaji Translation Sō Shungai
Pinyin Translation Sòng YuānXún
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Naoki Bandou
Voice Actor (English) Dale Wilson
Personal Info
Gender Male
Title Taifu (太傅 Taifu)
Occupation Emperor's Advisor

Sou Shungai (宋 凱隼 Sō Shungai) is one of the three Grand Advisors of the imperial palace, holding the position of Taifu (太傅 Taifu).


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

He is a famed and decorated War Hero. He is a fighting master and served the previous emperor. He is great friends with Advisor Sho, and was the one who taught swordsmanship to both Shi Ryuuki and Shi Seien.


He knows of the existence of the Eight Immortals, and is often aware of Advisor Sho's plans.

Skills & TalentsEdit




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