Sixth Consort
Personal Info
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Family Shi Ryuuki (son)
Shi Senka (husband)
Title Sixth Concubine
Occupation Sixth concubine of Emperor Senka
Courtesan (formerly)

The Sixth Consort was one of the six concubines of emperor Shi Senka and biological mother of emperor Shi Ryuuki.

Appearance Edit

The Sixth Consort, being a famous courtesan in Kiyou before entering the Imperial Harem, possessed vast beauty. It was said by many that in spite of her disgraceful social status of being a courtesan, her eye catching beauty allowed her to make her way into the Harem. She was referred to as the 'Flower of the Harem' for her luscious appearance.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

The Sixth Consort was a very self conscious and narcissist woman. Being a former courtesan, she always wanted to be the center of attention. Though she did not harbour any real feelings for her husband, she wanted to seek his attention as she was used to being sought by men around her. She believed her appearance could seduce the emperor. However, when she saw his indifference and ignorance towards her, she suffered a great shock and her pride was hurt. Left embittered by her wounded pride, she refused to believe that the emperor wasn't interested in her and instead blamed Ryuuki, believing his birth caused her to lose her former beauty.


In the past, the Sixth Consort was a famous courtesan in Kiyou. She was renowned for her unrivaled beauty. At some point, she entered the Harem as a concubine of emperor Senka. Soon afterwards, she became pregnant with Ryuuki and Senka stopped visiting her altogether. She eventually gave birth to Ryuuki but still the emperor never visited her which caused her to become spiteful towards her son.

She physically and verbally abused Ryuuki all the time blaming him as the reason of losing her beauty. Eventually, her fellow consort Suzuran anonymously sent her sabotaged makeup which caused her face to be horribly disfigured. Losing the only thing that was her strong point she became greatly traumatized. This incident drove her to commit suicide by throwing herself in a pond.