Japanese Name 翔琳
Romaji Translation Shōrin
Pinyin Translation XiángLín
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Noriaki Sugiyama
Voice Actor (English) Mike Waterman
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 13 years old
Family Youshun (Younger Brother)
Hokuto (Adoptive Father)
Occupation Leader of the Condors of Sa Province

Shourin (翔琳 Shōrin) is the young Leader of the "second generation of the band of chivalrous thieves, the Condors of Sa Province" and Youshun's older brother.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

He's trained in the ways of the wild, and like to be called "wild child."


He and his brother came to the capital in order to capture Ro Ensei, only to be yelled at afterward. In Sa Province, Shourin and Youshun were placed in charge of taking care of Sa Shunki by Ensei. When Sa Shunki said that it's time for her to go down, he takes her to Kinka in order to help Kokujun. Shourin carried her all the way to the capital of Sa Province to meet up with the new governors of Sa province. After, he used his stealthy techniques to sneak into the Sa mansion to meet Kou Shuurei, and became a go-between her and the rest of the group.

Skills & TalentsEdit


Shōrin is quite skilled as a tracker, with acrobatic skills and good endurance.



Shourin and Youshun are the adoptive sons of Hokuto, former member of the Wolves of the Wind. However, Shourin and Youshun doesn't seem to know this and knows their father as the "chivalrous thief." He admires Hokuto greatly and aims to be just like him.