Shiba Yuu
Japanese Name 司馬 勇
Romaji Translation Shiba Yū
Pinyin Translation SīMǎ Yǒng
Appears in Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) N/A
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Family Shiba Jin (Son)
Shiba Ryuu (Father)
Ran Jyuusan's mother (Cousin)
Occupation Retainer

Shiba Yuu (司馬 勇 Shiba Yū) is Shiba Jin's father and Shiba Ryuu's son.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Unlike his father, he has no chivalry. He also had a cruel vengeful personality. He killed the woman he loved because she didn' t return his feelings out of pure rage. He is also very lustful as he once raped a passerby woman and later also tried to do so to Ran Jyuusan.


He had always been in love with his cousin but she later became one of the consorts of the then Ran clan head. He killed her out of rage and sent his eldest son Shiba Jin to kill her daughter Ran Jyuusan. His son Jin was born due to his ravishing of a passerby woman who is implied to be from the Hyou clan.

Few years later when Jyuusan was around 14, he attempted to rape her but was killed by his son Jin.

Skills & TalentsEdit