Shiba Jin
Japanese Name 司馬 迅
Romaji Translation Shiba Jin
Pinyin Translation SīMǎ Xùn
Debut (Anime) Episode 68
Debut (Manga) N/A
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masaya Onosaka
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 26 (beginning of the series)
Family Shiba Ryuu (Grandfather)
Ran Jyuusan (Ex-Fiancée)
Shiba Yuu (Father)
Occupation Ran Clan Retainer (Former)

Shiba Jin (司馬 迅 Shiba Jin), otherwise known as Shun (隼 Shun), is a former retainer for the Ran Clan and Ran Jyuusan's ex-fiancee.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

He was a childhood friend of Ran Shuuei and Jyuusan (it is revealed he was the one who gave her the nickname "Hotaru"). He is from the Shiba clan, the main family of retainers for the Ran Clan.


Jin was a prisoner on death row for patricide and even after having his punishment alleviated, chose to stay in prison for unknown reasons. Jin is one of the many assassins sent after her and Shuurei Kou after he was released from prison and being pardoned by the three oldest Ran brothers.

He met Jyūsan-hime when he was 11 years old, shortly after Jyūsan-hime's mother was murdered by his own father, he had been sent to the house to kill her but could not bring himself to do so. The 3 year old Jyūsan-hime sat by her mother's corpse and stared at Jin for three days and nights. He cut out his eye when Jyūsan-hime said he can come closer to her when he gives her his eyes.

After the incident at the Ran province he roams around the country with Shusui.

Skills & TalentsEdit


Ran JyuusanEdit

They were shown to have feelings for each other even when they were young. He was also her fiance before he murdered his father.