Shi Province is the home to the imperial clan, the Shi Clan. The capital of Saiunkoku is also situated here. This province is the most significant among all eight provinces.

Shi Province is responsible for producing crops as it's geography is suitable for agriculture along with the Kou Province. This province is also the center for all sorts of legislative and executive actions of the Imperial Court.

Notable PlacesEdit




Kiyou is the capital city of the Shi Province.  It is the center of the government. Therefore, many government officials and noble families have established their estates in Kiyou. It is also the most pure place in Saiunkoku second only to the Hyou Clan's domain. Kiyou is a place which repels all kinds off supernatural powers. Thus, it is said by the Hyou Clan that the capital of Saiunkoku must never be removed from Kiyou. If it is relocated, then the country will fall to supernatural calamities (possibly the protection over the 'Gate' will fade causing it to open).

Red-Light DistrictEdit

Red Light District

Kiyou's Red Light District

Kiyou's Red Light District is very famous all around the province. The reason for its fame is due to Kogaro, a brothel with famous courtesans being situated there. Kochou, the most famous and top courtesan of Kiyou has earned Kogaro and the Red Light District its fame. At one point, Kou Yuri and Kou Shuurei used to work in the Red Light District at Kogaro.

Imperial PalaceEdit


The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace, residence of the Shi clan and the center of the country's politics is situated in Kiyou of the Shi Province. The palace consists of the Imperial Court, four departments and six ministries, Censorate headquarters, the Imperial Archive, the Cave of Immortals and the Imperial Residence. The palace is situated at the center of Kiyou and covers a very large portion of the city.