Saiunkoku Monogatari Ost

The anime adaption of The Story of Saiunkoku uses three pieces of theme music.

Hajimari no Kaze (はじまりの風, lit. "Wind of Beginnings") by Ayaka Hirahara is used for the opening theme for both the first and second seasons. For the ending theme, Saikō no Kataomoi (最高の片想い, lit. "The Greatest Unrequited Love") by Sachi Tainaka is used for the first season, while Asu e (明日へ, lit. "To Tomorrow") by Miho Teruya is used for the second season.

Saiunkoku Monogatari OP/EDEdit

  • Opening S1-S2 : Hajimari no Kaze (はじまりの風, "Wind of Beginnings")
Hajimari no kaze - Saiunkoku Monogatari OP - Full &Lyrics04:43

Hajimari no kaze - Saiunkoku Monogatari OP - Full &Lyrics

Opening for Sainkoku Monogatari season 1

  • Ending S1 : Saikou no Kataomoi (最高の片想い, "The Greatest Unrequited Love")
  • Ending S2 : Asu He (明日へ, "Towards Tomorrow")

Opening GalleryEdit

First OpeningEdit

Second OpeningEdit


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