Sai Shin
Appears in Anime, Manga, Light novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Family Sai Rin (Daughter)
Sai Shou (Son)
Occupation Regional governor of Kinka

Sai Shin is the father of the twins Sai Rin and Sai Shou. He is the regional governor of Kinka.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Shin is a very strict man. He raised his children strictly however, allowed them freedom to choose their paths of life, leading both of them to become very successful. Even though he suffered socially and economically for opposing the Sa Clan, he never faltered.

Plot Edit

He was first directly shown chasing after Kou Shuurei in order to convince her into taking some soldiers as escorts as he didn't trust his own son to be able to take care of her.