Sai Rin
Japanese Name 柴 凛
Romaji Translation Sai Rin
Pinyin Translation Chái Lín
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sasaki Youko
Voice Actor (English) Paula Lindberg
Personal Info
Gender Female
Family Sai Shou (Twin Brother)
Sai Shin (Father)
Occupation Provincial Head of the Merchant's Guild (Former)

Sai Rin (柴 凛 Sai Rin) is the former Provincial Head of the Merchant's Guild in Korin.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Sai Rin has been described as the "manliest woman in Sa Province". On the way to the New Year's palace celebration, Sa Kokujun said that he wants to be as strong as her. She is blunt and always honest but never rude.


Rin is the older sister of Sai Shou and has great influence over monetary issues in Sa Province.

Because of Sai Rin's existence and influence in the Sa Province, Emperor Ryuuki shrewdly assigns Kou Shuurei to the post of Governor in Sa Province, as Sai Rin serves a precedent for female leaders are not looked down upon or seen as unusual, compared to other provinces. 

Skills & TalentsEdit


In the Sa Province Plague Arc, she is the one who designs and creates the surgical tools for You Shikou and the rest of the novice doctors. She also invents the the "trap cane" that Yuushun uses and the "salt purifiers"  during the Counterfeiting Arc.


Tei YuushunEdit

In the light novels, it is revealed that she had been in love with Tei Yuushun for over ten years. She had asked for Yuushun's hand in marriage each year during the Autumn festival but he always rejecteed Rin, believing he was too old for her. After her term as the District Head expires, she married Tei Yuushun and becomes a full-time inventor.