The Sacred Artifacts are mystic objects which act as the key that keeps the 'Gate' inside the Cave of Immortals locked. If they are destroyed, the country will face supernatural calamities. The Hyou Clan's original objective was to keep the 'Gate' sealed and protect Saiunkoku. For that purpose, the clan was established by Sou Youki, the first emperor's sister, to raise priestesses and magicians with supernatural powers so that they can guard the keys and ensure the 'Gate' remain sealed forever.

It was predicted by Sou Gen, the first emperor, that a human will someday unlock the 'Gate' no matter what his sister does. It is mentioned that 'Ancient Darkness' lies beyond the 'Gate'. It is implied that the demons Sou Gen and Sou Youki sealed away reside beyond the 'Gate'. The Blue Immortal mentioned that opening of the 'Gate' is beneficial for the Immortals.

Known Artifacts Edit

  • The Sacred Mirror of Houkyou Mountain: It is enshrined in the Nine Colored Cove of the Ran Province. Since old times, the mirror is crafted by the artisans of the Heki Clan and manged by the Ran Clan. The destruction of the mirror caused unstoppable torrents of rain and flood in the Ran Province.
  • The Sacred Bow of Gei: It is enshrined in the Heki Province. The destruction of the bow caused frequent earthquakes and landslides in the Heki Province.