Sa Shunki
Sa shunki
Japanese Name 茶 春姫
Romaji Translation Sa Shunki
Pinyin Translation Chá ChūnJī
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rumi Shishido
Voice Actor (English) Natalie Walters
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17 (Beginning of the series)
Family Sa Enjun (Grandfather)
Hyou Eiki (Grandmother)
Sa Chuushou (Grand-Uncle)
Sa Soujun (Cousin)
Sa Sakujun (Cousin)
Sa Kokujun (Cousin, Husband)
Title Princess

Sa Shunki (茶 春姫 Sa Shunki) is the granddaughter of Sa Enjun and Hyou Eiki and Sa Kokujun's wife.


Shunki greatly resembles her grandmother Hyou Eiki in appearance. Like most other Hyou clan members, she has blue eyes and like Eiki she has purple hair with a lighter tone.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

She is very brave like her grandmother. Just like her, she is willing to take any risk to save the man she loves namely Kokujun. However, she is also very daring as she tried seducing him several times with her grandmother's help.


Her parents were both murdered by her cousin Sa Sakujun, a fact that is unknown to her. To protect her, Eiki sealed Shunki's ability to speak, thus Shunki communicates primarily through writing.

Because she is of the main Sa line of descent through Enjun, she is a threat to Chūshō and other branch family members during their power struggle. For her own protection, she is hidden away and watched over by Shōrin and Yōshun, under orders from Ro Ensei.

Later, she uses her strange powers to rescue Kokujun together with Shuurei. When Kokujun accepts the burden of leading the Sa clan, she vows to be always by his side.

After the Sa clan ordeals, her having powers was revealed to Hyou Riou (elder) and Hyou Riou (younger). For Ruka's sake Riou Sr. and his son confront Hyou Eiki and accuses her for hiding Shunki's powers. When Eiki refuses to hand her over she was hypnotized by the two Rious. At that time Shunki was travelling with Shuurei and Kourin around the town and suddenly ran into a fortune teller who was actually Hiou Riou Sr. in disguise trying to capture Shunki. As Shunki asked for some advice on how to seduce Kokujun, he secretly hypnotized her. But Eiki's powers temporarily protected her. While Shuurei tried to talk to him before he could say anything her two storm spirit protectors summoned up a huge thunderstorm and they all ran off. After 3 days Shunki felt the call of the Hyou clan and started to head towards Riou Sr. But Kokujun professed his love for her and snapped her out of it while Shuurei chased after Riou. At that time Riou tried to carry off Shuurei but Yougetsu shooed him away and saved her.

Skills & TalentsEdit

Supernatural PowersEdit

Shunki has the power of spoken words, the ability to command people to do as she wishes with the use of words.


Hyou Eiki and Sa EnjunEdit

Eiki and Enjun were Shunki's grandparents. She loves and admires them both. Enjun was shown to play with her when she was a child. Eiki sealed away Shunki's voice at an early age to protect her from the Hyou Clan. Eiki also helped her escape during the unrest within the Sa Clan. She greatly cares for Shunki.

Sa KokujunEdit

Kokujun is her cousin and husband. They were childhood playmates and were in love with each other for a long time. Kokujun's voice was able to snap Shunki out of Hyou Riou Sr.'s hypnosis. They got married soon after Kokujun became the new head.

Shourin and YoushunEdit

Those two boys took care of her when she was hin hiding.



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