Sa Province

Sa Province

Sa Province is a distant province compared to the others. The geography of this province is rather wild and filled with deserts. This province was feared by most as it was the most dangerous province, being plagued with bandits and robbers.

The unrest within the ruling clan of this province, the Sa Clan contributed more more to the ill reputation of this province. After the co-governors Kou Shuurei and To Eigetsu's efforts during their time as the governor of this province, the Sa province improved considerably and became an academic center for scholars.

Notable Places Edit

Fort Sairi Edit


Sairi Fortress

Fort Sairi is one of the entrances of Sa province. This fort is the closest to Kiyou so it's the easiest way to enter the Sa province from the Shi Province.

Korin Edit



Korin (虎林) is the capital city of Sa province. The main residence of the Sa Clan is located here.




Kinka is a city in Sa province. This city is a renowned place for business and the acts as the headquarters of a branch of the Merchant's Guild.




Rosen is a town located right before Kinka. It's easiest to reach this town from Fort Sairi.

Sakyou Edit



Sakyou is a town located immediately after Fort Sairi.

Sa Clan's ResidenceEdit

Sa Mansion

Mansion of the Sa Clan

The mansion of the Sa clan which is located in the capital city Koren is the main residence of the Sa clan. 

Sekiei Village Edit


Sekiei Village

Sekiei Village is a remote village which is located in the Korin County of the Sa Province. It is one of the places that was affected by the disease and where Tou Eigetsu is seen helping out the sick. This village is Shuuran's home.



Eizen mine

Eizen is an abandoned mine located at the outskirts of Sekiei Village. This mine was used as a base of the Jyasenkyou occult by Hyou Ren.