Spiral Peacock Crest

The Sa family crest

The Sa Clan (茶家 Sake) is one of the Seven Coloured Clans of Saiunkoku. The clan's name translates to brown. The clan seal bears a profusion of peacocks. It is known as "Spiral Peacock".


The Clan residence is located at the Sa Province. The Sa clan has held the least power in the land, and has attempted to take their family honor higher up to a powerful degree. However, this has resulted in a long reputation of corruption, blackmail, and criminal offenses. In their urge to gain power, the rulers of the clan have resorted to underhanded means such as hiring assassins and threatening citizens. As a result of these circumstances, the Sa Province has suffered from internal chaos and unrest.


Sa EnjunEdit


Sa Enjun (茶 鴛洵) is the former head of the Sa clan. He served as a Grand Official to the emperor and is known by his title, Sa-Taiho.

Hyou Eiki Edit


Hyou Eiki (縹 英姫 Hyō Eiki) is Sa Enjun's wife and Advisor of the Sa Clan's current head, Sa Kokujun.

Sa ShunkiEdit

Sa shunki

Sa Shunki (茶 春姫 Sa Shunki) is the granddaughter of Sa Enjun and Hyou Eiki and Sa Kokujun's wife.



Kourin (香鈴 Kōrin) is Kou Shuurei's former lady-in-waiting and Tou Eigetsu's wife. She was the adopted daughter of Enjun and Eiki.

Sa ChuushouEdit


Sa Chuushou (茶 仲障 Sa Chūshō) is Sa Enjun's younger brother and the grandfather of Sa Soujun, Sa Sakujun and Sa Kokujun.

Sa Soujun Edit


Sa Soujun (茶 草洵 Sa Sōjun) is Sa Chuushou's grandson and the older brother of Sa Sakujun and Sa Kokujun.

Sa SakujunEdit


Sa Sakujun (茶 朔洵 Sa Sakujun) is Sa Chuushou's grandson and the mastermind behind the revival of the Murderous Blades.

Sa KokujunEdit


Sa Kokujun (茶 克洵 Sa Kokujun) is the youngest grandson of Sa Chuushou and the current Head of the Sa Clan.