Ryou Anju
Japanese Name 凌 晏樹
Romaji Translation Ryō Anju
Pinyin Translation Líng Yàn-shù
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Personal Info
Gender Male
Family Sa Sakujun (Younger Half-Brother)
Title Deputy Secretary (門下侍郎 Monkajirō)
Occupation Department of Royal Commandment Affairs (Former)

Ryou Anju (凌 晏樹 Ryō Anju) is the former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Royal Commandment Affairs .


Anju is a very charming man in his late 30's. Anju possesses a strong resemblance to Sa Sakujun; Shuurei notes being around Anju reminds her of Sakujun.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Handsome and charming, Anju frequently teases others, particularly Kouki, and flirting with women, especially Kochou, whom he raised. Despite his appearance, he is a dangerous and astute individual; it said that one risks their own life by being near him and he has killed many people in his life. Due to his mysterious powers, it is suggested that he may be the vessel of the Black Immortal.

As a member of the Noble Faction of government officials, he is Ou Ki's second-in-command and a rival to Ki Kouki, the chief of the Censorate.


When he turns his attention to Kou Shuurei, he begins developing an interest in her as he notices how she is able to evade dangerous situations by simply speaking with him. When Shuurei asks if he comes from a noble background, unaware that it is a forbidden topic to discuss with him, Anju casually mentions that he was adopted into a noble family. When he adds that nobody has asked him the question directly in a long time, Shuurei instinctively realizes it is unwise to continuing pressing the issue and Anju is impressed with how quickly she is able to grasp the situation.

Anju is later revealed to be Sakujun's older half-brother, as well as the secondary antagonist of the series. Using Shuurei's life force, Anju revives Sakujun as an undead puppet. The puppet is manipulated into destroying sacred artifacts and attempting to assassinate members of Hyou Clan. Though he fails to kill Lady Eiki and Shusui, he succeeds at eliminating Hyou Ruka and locating where Shuurei's slumbering body has been kept in the Hyou clan's crypts. By having Sakujun abduct Shuurei, Anju attempts to use her against Ryuuki. He disappears after Ou Ki's death.

Skills & TalentsEdit