Riku Seiga
Riku seiga
Japanese Name 陸 清雅
Romaji Translation Riku Seiga
Pinyin Translation Lù QīngYǎ
Debut (Manga) N/A
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Shotaro Morikubo
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Son
Title Saiunkoku Imperial Court Official (官吏 Kanri)
Chief (長官 Chōkan)
Occupation Censorate (御史台 Gyoshidai)

Riku Seiga (陸 清雅 Riku Seiga) is a Censorate Official and the eventual Chief of the Censorate.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

He is known for being the "Official Killer" because of how ruthlessly he persecutes officials and his willingness to sacrifice others to achieve his goals.

Seiga has a deep mistrust for women. It is because of some issues he had with a woman from his past.


During his initial appearance, he poses as a joukan, an official lacking a government position, in order to join Kou Shuurei and Shin Suou's investigation of counterfeit artwork and currency. In truth, he had been sent to monitor and report on Shuurei's activities.

After the counterfeiting incident is resolved, Shuurei becomes an official in the Censorate, where she begins to view Seiga as a senior and a rival. Seiga reluctantly reciprocates the relationship, though he refuses to openly acknowledge that she is someone on his level and often harasses her. His mistrust for Shuurei is clear when he ties her wrist to his before going to sleep so that she won't rummage through any of his documents that aren't associated with her work. But it seems he slowly began to overcome it as he sees Shuurei make her way through for her aspirations.

In the future, he is married and becomes renowned as a politician and succeeds Ki Kouki as the chief of the Censorate. Shuurei inherits his title of the 'Official Killer' as the number one official in the Department of Internal Affairs who is feared by the entire government. His son is known to be a man with no faults or flaws in spite of his young age just like him.

Skills & TalentsEdit

Keen IntellectEdit

As a Censor, Seiga is extremely sharp witted. His quick mind and ruthless personality has allowed him to become the deputy director of the Censorate at a very young age and earn Kouki's favor.

Strategy and TacticsEdit

Seiga is also an expert tactician and a splendid strategist. During his investigations, he was seen forming many plans and strategies to lure his targets in.