Ran Setsuna
Japanese Name 藍 雪那
Romaji Translation Ran Setsuna
  • Yuki
  • Tsuki
  • Hana
Pinyin Translation Lán XuěNà
  • Xuě
  • Yuè
  • Huā
Debut (Manga) N/A
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Miyamoto Mitsuru
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Family Ran Gyokuka (Wife)
Ran Shuuei (Younger Brother)
Ran Ryuuren (Youngest Brother)
Ran Jyuusan (younger sister)
Occupation Head of the Ran Clan

Ran Setsuna (藍 雪那 Ran Setsuna) is the collective name given to the identical triplets who act as the head of the Ran Clan and individually, they are named Yuki (雪 Yuki), Tsuki (月 Tsuki), and Hana (花 Hana). They are the older brothers of Ran Shuuei, Ran Ryuuren, and Ran Jyuusan.


The triplets look identical and the only way to tell them apart would be by the accessory hanging around their necks.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit


Due to the fact that in Saiunkoku multiple births are considered unlucky, it was a tradition to resort to murder to counter the bad luck produced by such births. However, the father of the Ran triplets allowed them to live with one condition: "No one must distinguish between any of you and you have to live publicly as one person". They appear to have succeeded, as few people outside of the Ran family are aware that Setsuna is actually three people.

The triplets were Kou Shouka's students and grew up near him, but they are not fond of Kou Reishin. Fourteen years before the story begins, the triplets lived in the capital and worked as officials in the Imperial Court (under their collective identity of "Setsuna"). When the Emperor fell ill and a chaotic succession struggle began, the triplets returned to the Ran Province and never went back.

When their youngest brother received the name of "Ryuuren" when he was four years old, the triplets were responsible for letting him grow without the influence of other clans. They assumed the leadership of the Ran Clan, causing a stir all over the province, because it was the first time that a group of people were named as the chief of one of the Eight Honorable Families. Setsuna sent Shuuei to the capital when he was very young, and later they allowed Ryuuren to wander all over the country under the condition of getting one of the three highest scores in the Imperial Examinations.

At some point, the eldest of the three brothers, Yuki, married a woman named Gyokuka; though she can recognize her husband, she is unable to distinguish Hana or Tsuki. The two younger brothers remained unmarried and Gyokuka is publicly known as the official wife of Setsuna.

Late in the series, Shuuei approaches his brothers to officially sever ties to the Ran family in order to avoid conflict between his duty to his clan and his loyalty to the emperor, Shi Ryuuki. Setsuna challenges Shuuei to correctly identify the three brothers; concluding the challenge, Setsuna banishes Shuuei to the capital, allowing Shuuei to act freely without being bound to the Ran clan.

Skills & TalentsEdit