Ouyou Gyoku
Gyoku and Hishou
Japanese Name 歐陽 玉
Romaji Translation Ōyō Gyoku
Pinyin Translation ŌuYáng Yù
Debut (Anime) N/A
Appears in Light Novels, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) N/A
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age Early 30's
Family Ouyou Jun (Cousin)
Title Vice Minister(侍郎 Jirō)
Occupation Vice Minister of the Ministry of Works (工部 Kōbu)
Governor of Heki Province

Ouyou Gyoku (歐陽 玉 Ōyō Gyoku) is the Vice Minister of Public Works and the temporary Governor of Heki Province.


He slightly resembles his cousin Ouyou Jun. He has a tendency of wearing excessive accessories. 

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

As a member of the Heki Clan, Gyoku has a good sense for art although his specialty is quite unorthodox. He is a good stylist as he cut his friend You Shuu's hair short which according to Shuurei is fashionable. He is shown to be a very capable governor. He has a very picky sense of aesthetics and has a stoic personality.


Skills & TalentsEdit

Hairstyling Edit

He is good at styling people's hair as shown when he gave his friend You Shuu a new haircut.


You ShuuEdit

He is a very good friend of You Shuu. He even gave him a new haircut.

Kan HishouEdit

Hishou always calls him 'Ougyoku' because his name is too big. Gyoku isn't too fond of Hishou and would rather work under Ko Kijin or even be nicknamed by him. He doesn't hesitate to speak informally to his superior, even calling him a drunkard in the court.

Kou ShuureiEdit

At first he was against her becoming an official. But after losing to her in a drinking contest, he saw her determination and accepted her. He later asked her opinion on You Shuu's new haircut.