Ou Keichou
Japanese Name 王 慶張
Romaji Translation Ō Keichō
Pinyin Translation Wáng QìngZhāng
Debut (Anime) Episode 12
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Noriaki Sugiyama
Voice Actor (English) Michael Coleman
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 17 (Beginning)

18 (Last appearance)

Family Unnamed Father
Occupation Alcohol researcher

Ou Keichou (王 慶張 Ō Keichō) is Kou Shuurei's childhood friend.


The son of a wealthy alcohol merchant, Keichou is Shuurei's childhood friend. Despite his best attempts, she repeatedly calls him by his childhood nickname "Santa," as she is unable to perceive him as anything but her childhood friend. He has a poorly disguised crush on Shuurei, though she does not reciprocate and is completely oblivious to his true feelings. His attempt to propose to her was dismissed because Shuurei has only ever seen him as a childhood friend.



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