Undercover Officials

Undercover officials of the Civil Administration

The Department of Civil Administration
is one of the top ranked ministries which is in charge of personnel. They are also in charge of the national exams. Every year they arrange the exams and those who passes it are assigned different positions in the government. The Civil Administration also investigates personnel if needed, the Joukans for example. They are also in charge of approving the assignment of the personnels after their first assignment ceremony where they are appointed by the emperor. They also are responsible for promotions and demotions as well as dismissal and recruitment of personnels.

Known Officials Edit

Kou Reishin Edit

Kou reishin

Kou Reishin

Kou Reishin
was the previous Minister of Civil Administration. He was dismissed for showing negligence towards his work.

Li KouyuuEdit

Kouyuu in court

Li Kouyuu

Li Kouyuu
was the previous Vice Minister of Civil Administration. Due to the accusation of abusing his powers as the deputy, he was demoted to a Joukan. 

You ShuuEdit

You shuu

You Shuu

You Shuu 
was an undercover official of this ministry and later became the temporary Vice Minister of Civil Administration. He was eventually assigned as a district leader of Sa Province. He is the one who framed Reishin and directed the Censorate's attention to him causing his dismissal.