Japanese Name 香鈴
Romaji Translation Kōrin
Pinyin Translation XiāngLíng
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Eri Sendai
Voice Actor (English) Chantal Strand
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 13 years old
Family Sa Enjun (Adoptive Father)
Hyou Eiki (Adoptive Mother)
Tou Eigetsu (Husband)
Occupation Lady-In-Waiting (Former)

Kourin (香鈴 Kōrin) is Kou Shuurei's former lady-in-waiting and Tou Eigetsu's wife.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit


Upon Enjun's death, she is sent to live with his widow Hyou Eiki in Sa province. She returns to the capital with Ro Ensei to deliver information about the developing crisis there.

While traveling back to Sa province with Ensei, Shi Seiran, and the two newly-appointed co-governors Tou Eigetsu and Shuurei, Kourin is mistaken for Shuurei and thus kidnapped and imprisoned with Eigetsu. When her captors Meisho and Sa Soujun start to doubt her identity, she convinces them that she is indeed Shuurei by accepting their challenge to re-write the poem which made the poet Mei Senshi famous. Kourin and Eigetsu later escape to Kinka with the help of Sōjun's youngest brother, Sa Kokujun.

Reunited with Ensei, Seiran, and Shuurei in Kinka, Kourin shows some signs of romantic feelings for Eigetsu, although her manner towards him is a mixture of concern, annoyance, and often exasperation.

When Eigetsu's bond with Yōgetsu weakens, he leaves Kourin by telling her that he loves her and finally kisses her. They reunite after Yōgetsu voluntarily enters a state of hibernation in order for Eigetsu to be with her. After that, she decides to stay in Sa province serving Eigetsu.

Skills & TalentsEdit

Domestic ChoresEdit

Despite her clumsiness, she is well versed in cooking and cleaning, most likely due to her years as a maid under Hyou Eiki.


She is also very knowledgable which was demonstrated when Soujun was testing her to determine if she was really the new Governor of Sa Province.


Sa EnjunEdit

As the adopted daughter of Sa Enjun, she is deeply loyal to him and does not hesitate to defend him and the Sa clan. After Shi Ryuuki rejects Enjun's granddaughter as an imperial consort while apparently favoring Shuurei, Kourin tries to poison both Shuurei (to avenge the insult to the Sa clan) and herself (to protect Enjun).