Mandarin duck

The Ko family crest

The Ko Clan[1] (黄家 Kōke) is one of the Seven Coloured Clans of Saiunkoku. The clan's name translates to yellow. Their crest bears a mandarin duck and flowers.


The members of this clan are known for being merchants and are highly versed in trading goods as well as information. However, their true nature emerges in times of war - they are known as "war merchants" for their efficient distribution of weapons and intelligence. Because of their merchantile nature, they do not hold strong allegiance to the Shi Clan as a whole and will favour the side that will win in any situation involving political in-fighting.

Clan MembersEdit

Ko HoujuEdit

Ko Kijin profile

Ko Houju (黄 凤珠 Kō Hōju), more commonly known by the name Ko Kijin (黄 奇人 Kō Kijin), is the Minister of Revenue.


  1. Although pronounced the same as the Crimson clan in the original Japanese, the kanji for this clan means yellow.

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