Joukan are officials without government positions. Because many of them have failed to put any effort into obtaining actual government positions with rank, they are regarded as lazy. In an attempt to resolve the issue of the excessive amount of joukan, the government enacts a decree that will strip any joukan who have not obtained an official position within a certain time period.

During the enactment, Kou Shuurei and Shin Suou both have joukan status: Shuurei had recently lost her position as the Governor of Sa Province as a result of her rash behavior while in office and Suou's father had been involved in a currency counterfeiting scandal. While struggling to find positions, they encounter Riku Seiga, posing as a joukan, in order to monitor Shuurei's activities. Both Shuurei and Suou eventually obtain positions as members of the Censorate, of which Seiga is a high ranking official.