Hyou Ren
Debut (Anime) Episode 48
Appears in Anime, Light Novel
Personal Info
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Family Hyou Ruka ("Mother")
Occupation N/A

Hyou Ren is a member of the Hyou Clan, is a friend of Riou the Younger. He refers to Ruka as his "mother", though the possibility that he is Ruka's biological son is questionable as Ruka is said to have no child of her own and every son and daughter of the clan refers to her as "Mother".

Personality Edit

Ren adored Ruka as his mother and yearned to earn her approval. Since the Hyou clan is a place where people without powers aren't considered necessary, Ren became desperate to be loved and needed. So, he was prepared to go to any length to gain Ruka's love. He gets along with Riou well since both of them were born powerless. He used to study and spend time with him in the past.

Plot Edit

He first appeared at Sekiei village of the Sa province in the body of Ka Shin,the adopted father of Tou Eigetsu in order to lure him out and used the name 'Senya' to lure out Kou Shuurei. His main objective was to capture the hosts of the White and Red Immortals for Ruka although she never particularly ordered him to. He managed to capture Eigetsu but by the time he lured out Shuurei, Ran Ryuuren had come to rescue him. He tried to capture Shuurei but his cousin Hyou Riou Jr. interrupted him and showed him his head. It turned out that while Ren was busy with Eigetsu, his body was beheaded so he has no body to return to and is now dead. Riou later lamented that Ren had passed away without getting to know the warmth of a tender hand and a kind smile that he so longed for.

In the novel, the story differs a little. In this part, Riou appears and throws his head to him stopping Shuurei from activating the circle to capture Shuurei. He passed away but Shuurei later accidentally stepped on it and passed out causing Sa Sakujun to save her.


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