Hyou Eiki
Japanese Name 縹 英姫
Romaji Translation Hyō Eiki
Pinyin Translation Piǎo YīngJī
Debut (Anime) Episode 24
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 4
Debut (Manga) N/A
Appears in Light Novels, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Horikoshi Mami
Voice Actor (English) Jacqueline Samuda
Personal Info
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Family Sa Enjun (Husband)
Sa Shunki (Granddaughter)
Hyou Ruka ("Mother")
Title Proxy Clan head
Occupation Sa Enjun's Wife
Proxy Head Of The Sa Clan
Advisor of Sa Clan's Head

Hyou Eiki (縹 英姫 Hyō Eiki) is Sa Enjun's wife and Advisor of the Sa Clan's current head, Sa Kokujun. She was originally a member of the Hyou Clan and Hyou Ruka's intended successor.


Eiki is a lady of a dignified appearance. She is always seen in a formal attire of a noble lady. In her youth, she was very beautiful.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

Eiki had always been very determined and impulsive. In her youth, she ran away from her home in order to escape her predestined fate of becoming the 'High Priestess' and build her own future with Enjun. At her old age, she became very strict as she gained experience of a proxy Clan head throughout her life. Regardless, she is very kind in nature.


Eiki remains in Sa Province to act on Enjun's behalf as the clan head while he carried out his duties as Taiho in the Imperial Palace.

Eiki was born to the Hyou clan, the mysterious shadow lineage of Saiunkoku. She is considered one of the strongest daughters of the Hyou clan and was very carefully raised by Ruka herself as her successor, the next High Priestess of the Hyou clan. As such, she would not have normally married outside her family, but she fell in love with Enjun and pursued him until he gave in.

After Enjun's death, his ambitious younger brother Sa Chuushou imprisoned her.

Skills & TalentsEdit

Supernatural PowersEdit

She retained some of the supernatural powers of the Hyou women, such as the precognition which turned her against Advisor Sho because she always knew that he would be involved in Enjun's death. She also sealed off the powers and voice of their granddaughter Shunki during the girl's childhood in order to protect her from the Hyou Clan.


Sa EnjunEdit

Enjun spent most of his life at the palace as the Taiho while Eiki remained at the Sa Clan as the proxy clan head. Much of Eiki and Enjun's long marriage was spent separated in this fashion and it is the reason why she calls him "the worst lover". However, despite their separation, she loved him deeply and said that she "is the one that loves him the most".