Heki Hakumei
Japanese Name 碧 珀明
Romaji Translation Heki Hakumei
Pinyin Translation Bì PòMíng
Debut (Anime) Episode 14
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 13
Debut (Manga) Volume 6
Appears in Light Novels, Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Atsushi Kisaichi
Voice Actor (English) Gabe Khouth
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 17 years old
Family Heki Karin (Older Sister)
Ouyou Jun (Brother-In-Law)
Heki Banri (Nephew)
Title Saiunkoku Imperial Court Official (官吏 Kanri)
Occupation Ministry of Civil Administration (吏部 Ribu)

Heki Hakumei (碧 珀明 Heki Hakumei) is an Imperial Court Official in the Ministry of Civil Administration.


Personality & CharacteristicsEdit

He can come across as brash and rude, but he can be very kind once he warms up to someone, as evidenced by his concern for Shuurei and Eigetsu, who had been given unreasonable amounts of work. He has a strong sense of justice and is brave enough to interfere when he experiences injustice, even when it puts himself at a disadvantage. This was shown when he stood up to high-ranking minister for Shuurei and Eigetsu's sake after seeing that they were exhausted, and taking on their chores (cleaning the toilets and polishing shoes) by himself.


Hakumei undertakes the Imperial Examinations the same year as Kou Shuurei and To Eigetsu and was Fourth. He deferred his entrance by a year out of respect for Kouyuu's achievement of being the youngest to pass the official Examinations (and becoming Jougen)and was angry when Eigetsu achieved this at an even younger age. During the training period for the officials, Hakumei discreetly helps Shuurei and Eigetsu, who are given especially harsh and humiliating tasks when they overstep their boundaries.

He later helps Shuurei identify forgeries when she is investigating a counterfeiting scandal, though he refuses to divulge the identity of Heki Yuukoku out of loyalty to his clan.

Skills & TalentsEdit


Though Hakumei is a member of the Heki clan, he is not as artistically inclined, though he is able to recognize forgeries.


Li KouyuuEdit

Hakumei deeply admires Li Kouyuu, proudly claiming that he aspires to become an official just like him, while being apparently oblivious to Kouyuu's short temper and the fact that he has no sense of direction. He is really happy when he was assigned the Ministry Of Civil Administration, the same as his idol.

Kou ShuureiEdit

He is initially rude to her but eventually acknowledges her capabilities. As the series progresses he becomes friends with her and helps her out occassionally.