Haku Raien
Japanese Name 白 雷炎
Romaji Translation Haku Raien
Pinyin Translation Bái LéiYán
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Oohashi Kayato
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Title Grand General (大将軍 Dai Shogun)
Occupation Grand General of the Right Habayashi Army (右羽林軍 Uringun)

Haku Raien (白 雷炎 Haku Raien) is the Grand General of the Uringun of the Habayashi Army.


It is said that he actually has a baby-face and so he grows beard and mustache to look more mature.

Personality & CharacteristicsEdit


After seeing Shi Seiran's abilities, he expresses interest in having him become a part of the Uringun.

Skills & TalentsEdit




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