The Censorate

The Censorate Office

The Censorate
also known as the Section of Administrative Inspection is an exclusive department in charge of persecuting corrupt officials and investigating unusual political issues. The Censorate officials are all first-class and extremely talented in spite of their low ranks. Though their ranks are low, they have independent authority and can accuse anyone for crime at will, even the Prime Minister without the chief's permission, in case the chief himself has to be accused.

Known Censorate Officials Edit

Ou Ki Edit

Ou Ki
was the Director General and the Grand Censor during emperor Shi Senka 's reign. He was renowned for his cunning and ruthlessness in persecuting the corrupt officials. He later became the secretary of the Department of Royal Commandment Affairs.

Ki KoukiEdit

Ki Kouki
was Ou Ki's successor and became the next Grand Censor and the Director General of the Censorate. Just like Ou Ki he was extremely ruthless and would discard people he didn't seem worthy. Surviving his workloads raised the stock of the Censorate Officials in people's eyes. Those who worked under him were considered excellent officials by the entire government.

Riku Seiga Edit

Riku seiga
Riku Seiga
is an excellent young and promising official who joined the Imperial Court when he was only 14. He joined the Censorate and immediately won Kouki's favor due to his quick mind and proficiency in his work. He is Shuurei's rival and is very fond of harassing her because he loves the hate she shows only him considering Shuurei's kind nature doesn't allow her to hate anyone. He was chosen as Kouki's successor and the next Director General of the Censorate after Kouki.

Kou Shuurei Edit

Censorate shuurei
Kou Shuurei
was a Censorate official for most of the time during her time in the Imperial Court. She was very naive and idealistic at first which Kouki considered a nuisance but decided to keep her because of her quick mind which he considered was on per with that of Seiga's and due to her many connections. She slowly became more pragmatic after continuing to work under Kouki for a while and her development impressed him. He eventually acknowledged her for her talent although he would never openly admit it.

Ro Ensei Edit

Ro Ensei
was assigned as Shuurei's assistant by Kouki. He trust Ensei greatly and wanted him to become a Censor instead. However, Ensei only wanted to work under Shuurei and therefore was assigned as he assistant. After Shuurei left the court to enter the Inner Palace, Ensei succeeded her and became a Censorate Official.

Shin SuouEdit

File:Tantan aka Suou.JPG
Shin Suou
was assigned as Shuurei's assistant when she first joined the Censorate. Kouki actually used him to monitor Shuurei's every movement. Later, he noticed Suou's ability of seeing right through things with ease and acknowledged his talent. Therefore, he promoted him to a Censor from an Assistant Censor. Suou later became a very famous Censorate Official.